Rooms & Descriptions

Fireplace Room
max for dinner: 35 guests / max for reception: 38 guests

Created within the Brattle Room by a sliding partition, the Fireplace Room is a fully private function space. The space offers a gas fireplace that may be turned on and off depending on the preference of the guests. The option of an ante-room may serve as a cocktail area; a wall with a swinging door separates the two spaces.  


Semi-Private Alcove
max for dinner: 24 guests / max for reception: 25 guests

Located in a quiet front corner and amongst the brick walkways, The Semi-Private Alcove is an isolated area that offers the atmosphere of the restaurant with the benefit of quiet conversation and  extra privacy. The space is fully enclosed on three sides and open up to the main dining area on the other; upon request we are able to offer a partition for some additional privacy. 



The Brattle Room
max for dinner: 65 guests / max for reception: 90 guests

Located off the patio and our open-air exhibition kitchen, the Brattle Room is our largest private dining space. The Brattle Room offers views of our patio as well as a working gas fireplace.  The space is large enough to accommodate various table layouts and set-ups. With an opening glass wall to the patio, the rental of the Brattle offers the option to rent the Patio or a Portion of the patio.