Private Dining Luncheon Menu


- choice of three - 

Seasonal Soup
Rotating Offering

Mozzarella House Burrata
roasted beets & seasonal accompaniments 

Harvest Caesar Salad
crisp romaine, garlic anchovy dressing & parmesan biscotti 

Simple Green Salad
tomato, cucumber, feta cheese & red wine vinaigrette

Classic Shrimp Cocktail ($3 surcharge per order)
cocktail sauce & lemon


- choice of two, a mushroom risotto will be offered automatically - 

Green Circle Farm Chicken Breast
watermelon, shishito pepper & feta cheese

Painted Hills Steak Frites ($3.00 surcharge per person)
baby greens, hand cut fries & bordelaise

Bay of Fundy Salmon "Panzanella"
brioche, cucumber, tomato, kalamata & harissa

Housemade Rigatoni
parsnip puree, parsley pesto & garlic breadcrumbs



- all three offered - 

Chocolate Cake
Dark Chocolate mousse, maple whipped cream, cranberry & pecan lace cookies

Pumpkin Profiteroles 
pumpkin milk chocolate custard, roasted pumpkin seed butter & hazelnuts

Raspberry Sorbet
vanilla honey Tuile