Poptails & Tacos! 

The perfect pairing to a patio day! Enjoy our new "Poptail" menu featuring popsicles with cocktails and tacos both savory and sweet. Get your hands on them Monday-Friday between lunch and dinner or every Saturday and Sunday during brunch. 

Poptails $10 each 
Mango Jalapeño Popsicle 

Rosé Spritzer 
Strawberry Lychee Popsicle 

Mint Lime Popsicle

Orange Creamsicle Popsicle

Espresso Martini
Vietnamese Coffee Popsicle 

Tacos $5 each
Grilled Avocado 
Chipotle Crema, Feta Cheese

Grassfed Local Beef
Pistachio Mole, Cilantro

Crispy Fish
Pickled Red Pepper, Shallot

Spicy Braised Pork
Chocolate Mole, Pickled Red Onion

Lime Curd for Dipping