Rooms & Descriptions

Fireplace Room
max for dinner: 32 guests / max for reception: 45 guests
The Fireplace Room at Harvest is a fully private function space that will accommodate up to 30 guests for a seated service, and up to 45 guests for a standing cocktail reception. The ante-room to the Fireplace Room may also serve as a cocktail area; a wall with a swinging door separates the two spaces.  The gas fireplace may be turned on and off depending on the preference of the guests.


max for dinner: 24 guests / max for reception: 40 guests
The Semi-Private Alcove is located in a quiet corner in the front of the restaurant. Although it is not fully private, it is isolated so that no other guests will be walking through the space. The Alcove may accommodate up to 24 guests for a seated service and 35 for a standing cocktail reception.


Back Dining Room
max for dinner: 60 guests / max for reception: 100 guests
The Large Private Dining Room at Harvest is composed of the entire rear dining area of the restaurant. Overlooking the patio with seasonal access via double doors, the Large Private Dining Room accommodates up to 65 guests for a seated service and 100 guests for a standing cocktail reception. Groups of 30 – 50 may host their cocktail receptions as well as their seated dinners in the same space.