Private Dining Luncheon Menu


- choice of three - 

Chilled Cucumber Soup
breakfast radish, grilled plum & lemon thyme

Mozzarella House Burrata
roasted beets, strawberries & pistachios

Allandale Farm Green Salad
shaved baby vegetables, fennel, shallot, sorrel & buttermilk vinaigrette

Vermont Pork Pate en Croute
tomato marmalade & cornichon relish


- choice of two, a farmers market risotto will be offered automatically - 

Green Circle Farm Chicken Breast
roasted onion risotto, baby radishes & scallion relish

Foraged Mushroom Tagliatelle
arugula pesto, goat cheese & garlic bread crumbs

Snappy's Maine Salmon
fregula sarda, cucumber yogurt, baby beets, dill & lemon 

Painted Hills Steak Frites ($3.00 surcharge per person)
baby greens, hand cut fries & bordelaise


- all three offered - 

Chocolate Caramel Tart
Almond Pâte Sucrée, Whipped Caramel Crémeux, Hazelnut Dentelle & Red Currant 

Rum Baba
Rum Soaked Cake, Caramelized Passion Fruit, Lime Tuile & Rum Raisin Whipped Cream

Raspberry Sorbet
Sesame Tuile