Private Dining Dinner Menu


- Choice of Three - 

Chilled Cucumber Soup
jonah crab, breakfast radish, grilled apricot & lemon thyme

Grilled Beatrix Brie
roasted baby beets, strawberries & pistachios

Vermont Pork Pate de Champagne
ginger mustard, cherry agro dulce & watercress

northstar lamb sausage, fennel, feta cheese & sorrel

Simple Green Salad
red wine vinaigrette 


- Choice of Two, a foraged mushroom risotto will be offered autmatically -

Painted Hills Farm Beef Striploin ($5.00 surcharge per order)
smoked carrot, roasted spring oinon & baby potato

Green Circle Farm Chicken
sunchokes, baby turnip with its greens, scallion relish & chicken jus

Ozark Family Farm Pork Loin
grilled stone fruit, cornbread, mole, fennel & cilantro 

Snappy's Maine Salmon
fregula salad, roasted beets, cucumber yogurt, dill & lemon


- All Three Offered - 

Almond Poppy Seed Teacake 
almond rochers, lime macerated blueberries, blueberry gel, olive oil yogurt, peaches & lemon thyme

Chocolate Devil's Cake
chocolate mousse, dulce de leche, fresh raspberry, bruleed banana, creme fraiche, hazelnuts & chocolate mint

Raspberry Sorbet 
Almond Tuile