Cocktails & Beer

Here at Harvest we believe that there is a proper beverage for every part of your meal, which is why we have meticulously crafted our list for maximum enjoyment whether you're having a burger or enjoying our tasting menu.

All cocktails are $14


Kina Kir  
ketel one vodka, st. germain, lillet rosé, prosecco

Pernod Ordinaire 
biutiful cava, pernod, dolin dry vermouth 

Irishman in Italy
jameson, aperol, grapefruit, orange twist

Long and steady

The Frisco
bulleit rye, benedictine, lemon, orange juice

The Lajara
zapopan blanco tequila, lime, orange & fennel

Model Plane
old overholt rye, amaro nonino, aperol, lemon 

The Last course

The First Word
bombay gin, green chartreuse, maraschino & orange

The Viola 
privateer rum, aperol, crème de violette

Brandy, You're a Fine Girl 
raynal brandy, averna, root liqueur, whiskey bitters 



Jacks Abby, Leisure Time Lager  7.25 

Two Roads Brewing, Road 2 Ruin Double IPA  8

Weihenstephaner 7.5 

Cisco Brewers, Whale’s Tale Pale Ale  7.5 

Harpoon Brewery, IPA  7.25

Sam Adams, Cold Snap  7.25


Lagers - bottom fermenting yeasts and slow fermentations result in crisp, clean and refreshing styles of beer.

Amstel Light  6.5
Augustiner-Bräu, Edelstoff  9
Sam Adams Boston Lager  7 
Ayinger, Celebrator, Doppelock  11

Ales - top fermenting yeasts, a hot short fermentation and you get beers with more fruit, spice and floral notes.

Berkshire Brewing Co., Steel Rail EPA  6.5 
21st Amendment, Hell or High Watermelon  7
Allagash White Ale  9.5
21st Amendment, Brew Free! or Die IPA  7.5 
Stone, Ruination 2.0  9 
Guinness  7.5
Evil Twin Brewing, Wet Dream  10
Against the Grain, 35K  12
Boulevard, Funky Pumpkin  11
Chimay Rouge  15
Petrus, Red  13
Orval  14