Bar Menu

Bar menu served from 2:00pm through close of dinner

Smoked Lamb Sausage*  16
Aurora Mills Wheatberry Risotto, Harissa & Cilantro

Painted Hills Steak Frites  24 
Baby Greens, Hand Cut Fries & Bordelaise

Poutine*  10 
Bacon Gravy, Cheddar Cheese Curds & Fresh Herbs

The Harvest Burger*  16
Archer Farms All Natural Burger, Cabot Cheddar, Mustard Aïoli, Pickles & Hand Cut French Fries
Add Northcountry Smokehouse Bacon, Fried Farm Egg 2 ea.

Harvest Caesar  13
Parmesan & Black Pepper Biscotti, Balsamic & Roasted Garlic Anchovy Dressing
Add Grilled Steak 12, Chicken Breast 10, or Grilled Shrimp 10

Roasted Baby Beets  14
beatrix Brie, pickled beet puree & dried fruit jam

Truffled Hand Cut French Fries  9
Parmesan Cheese & mustard Aïoli

House Marinated Olives  6
Orange & Garlic

Locally Harvested Oysters*  18
Lemon, Mignonette & Classic Cocktail Sauce

Deviled Eggs  4 
Espelette & Cornichon

*The Commonwealth of Massachusetts suggests that the consumption of raw or undercooked meat, fish, shellfish, eggs and poultry may be harmful to your health and increase the risk of food borne illness

Note: menu items and photos are subject to change